You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook When...

1). Somehow you find yourself going through an album of a friend of a friend.

2). You not only play Farmville but you have also had a real life conversation about it.

3). When you see a red notification sign you feel almost sick with excitement...

 4). are plunged into the depths of despair if it turns out that the notification is for a friend’s picture which you commented “lol” on months ago.

5). You get your current affairs fix only by reading the headlines on the Metro but feel totally out of the loop if you don’t manage to log into Facebook for a day.

6). You are on Facebook when Jack puts up the status “Just heading to the pub for Deb’s birthday” and you are still on Facebook by the time Jack posts “Just got back from Deb’s!”

7). You wonder how you can turn every real life event into a witty Facebook status.

8). You have engaged in co-mingling Facebook sessions, i.e. you and an equally sad friend have both logged into Facebook together so you can discuss the minutiae of each others’ friends’ lives.

9). You don’t realise that 5000 pictures is excessive until someone points it out to you.

10). That same someone points out that you also have a signature pose.

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