You Know You are Over 27 When...

  1. You don't find Robert Pattinson hot.

  2. You kind of understand stuff like Mortgages, the FTSEs and credit card interest rates but don't know what "braap" means.

  3. You privately think Beyonce could get away with wearing more clothes.

  4. You complain that social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are making people forget how to communicate.

  5. Txt spk annoys u & u don’t care if sum1 is doin it 2save on txts.

  6. Saturday nights out come second to Saturday night tele.

  7. You remember Take That the first time round.

  8. You are vaguely scared of school children on the bus.

  9. You are no longer the least important member of staff – the office has an intern.

  10. Your facebook timeline has become infiltrated by wedding pictures of friends and sonograms of unborn babies.

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