You Know It’s Love When...


"I pause Match of the Day when my girlfriend calls." - Raj, 32, banker, London


"One day when my boyfriend driven almost half way to work I spotted a cockroach in the kitchen and freaked out. I rang him in a panic and he turned the car back around, killed the roach, kissed me goodbye again and left again." - Janet, 28, PR exec, London


"My mum was really ill once and my boyfriend came over and helped look after her. He even carried her to the bathroom & bedroom when she needed to be moved." - Dora, 23, student, Dublin


"My girlfriend baked me a birthday cake from scratch. She’s the independent, career driven sort who hardly ever steps into the kitchen but she spent all day working on her masterpiece. It tasted a bit iffy but it was definitely the thought that counted." - Phil, 38, Actuary, London


"She learnt sign language for me." - Andy, 29, charity worker, Brighton

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