The Worst Reality TV Shows of All Time

I was surfing the channels last night when I stopped on a programme called “Worst Reality TV Shows of All Time.”

I sat there with a self satisfied smile, waiting to laugh at all those foolish programmes on the list when to my horror I realized I’d seen most of them! It seems I am a Reality TV whore.

And then I thought I’d make my own list. After all who else could be better at judging what is merely rubbish and what is actually a festering pile of hot crap?

10. Jersey Shore

I initially liked the show. A group of young, stupid, horny boys and girls party it up on the Jersey Shore but in spite of all there was to dislike about them the characters seemed pretty nice people once you got down to the crux of it; they had a sense of family, all eating dinner round the same table, it was rather sweet.

Then came the fame and the fortune and the sweetness went out of it.

And when a guy (the Situation) actually eats a sandwhich while watching his friend (Paul D) have sex in the same room, that is definitely a new low.


9. Who’s Your Daddy

A contestant who had been adopted as a child had to guess her real father in a roomful of 25 men in order to win $100,000.


I wasn’t the only one who thought so. The whole of America tuned out and a deluge of negative press and outrage forced Fox to pull the plug.


8. Space Cadets

This show hilariously bit the producers on the bum.

The premise was to fool a group of contestants into thinking they had travelled into outer space when they were all in nothing more than a big box in a shed.
Unfortunately for the programme makers the contestants weren’t stupid and figured it out in 5 minutes leaving them with no programme.


7. Flavor of Love/ Rock of Love

These programmes attempt to set up two well past it musical “artists” with their dream women.

Well, these women are anything but a dream.

Tattooed, shrill, fighting machines. They are truly horrifying examples of what a woman can be.


6. Celebrity Love Island

The show was billed as ITV1s Big Brother.

It turned out it couldn’t even live up to being a distant cousin.

A programme about potential z list celebrity romances? You guessed it, nobody cared.


5. Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend

It is embarrassing that a group of deluded fame hungry 20 somethings actually thought that Paris Hilton was automatically going to make them her best friend from a reality show.

Instead the winner Sam something-or-other was seen in the final episode carrying her bag in a nightclub.


4. The Farm.

You can tell when a programme is boring when the tabloids scream the headline “Rebecca Loos has sex with a pig!” when in fact she was carrying out the normal farming practice of collecting semen from a pig in order to inseminate sows.


3. The Bachelor

Around twenty to thirty women are stripped off all their dignity while they battle it out over some random guy that producers have declared a “Mr Right” for all of them.

As we watch these girls one by one fall in love with so called Mr Right and break down and cry when he rejects them feminists can only feel we have taken a giant step backward.


2. The Littlest Groom

In this programme a groom of short stature had to decide between women of regular height and women who were also of short stature.

They pretended the point of this programme was an attempt to tackle society’s prejudices but audiences weren’t fooled; people knew exploitation when they saw it. The programme was slammed and ratings were non existent.


1. There’s Something about Miriam

There's Something about Miriam was the programme in which a group of men fought for the affections of Miriam only to find out in the final episode that Miriam was in fact a man; a pre op transsexual to be precise.

The men were horrified and collectively sued the programme makers and the case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

The programme sent shockwaves throughout the industry because of the sheer unethicalness of it all and the transsexual community slammed the programmev

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