Why We Love Our Mummies

1). She’s the only one that can make us feel better when we’re sick.

2). She is the best cook we’ll ever know.

3). She can always spot a bad friend and when everything turns sours she’ll comfort you without going on and on about having told you so.

4). Even though she may grumble about having to “do it all herself” she still does it because she loves us.

5). She can never stay mad at us for long.

6). She still doesn’t fully understand things like the internet and Sky+, and looks at an ipad with eyes of wonderment.

7). Even if we have nowhere else to live, no significant other and a shitty job she still thinks we’re awesome.

8). She’s the only person in the world who will put our needs before her own.

9). When we feel sad she’ll make us something nice to eat without us having to ask.

10). We know that whatever happens there will always be one person in the world who will love us and who we will love back!

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