What Stars Looked Like Before they became Famous

1). Avril Lavigne

We had no idea that Avril was so...well, erm, geeky! Things sure have changed for the Princess of faux punk.


2). Katy Perry

Back in the day Katy Perry was nothing more than a chubby blonde 15 year old. Now she's an international pop star and one of the hottest woman around.


3). Brad Pitt

Aw, Brad was still good looking back then, all floppy hair and pretty boy looks.


4). Kelly Brooke

Now this is the one that surprised us the most! Who would have thought this slightly buck toothed girl would blossom into such a beauty?


5). Cameron Diaz

Cameron was and still is the epitome of the all-american blonde haired and blue eyed girl-next-door.


6). David Pierce

We don't know why but we always imagined Niles from Fraiser as always being a rather scrawny lad, but as you can see, we were wrong.


7). Geroge Clooney

So, gorgeous George was always gorgeous then!


8). Gwen Stefani


Hmm, wonder if any one of Gwen Stefani's classmates ever thought "now there goes a girl who will become a fashion icon!"?


9). Halle Berry

Ok, how come Halle Berry actually looks likes she's getting younger?? Jealous!


10). Jennifer Aniston

Jen was always very cute but to get the roles she wanted she had to shed the baby fat before Hollywood came a-knocking.


11). Julia Roberts

Julia Robert's always had the smile that would make her her fortune.


12). Sarah Jessica Parker

Never classically beautiful we have to admire how SJP conquered the world of entertaiment. Only this week she has been revealed to be the highest earning woman in Hollywood along with Angelina Jolie.


13). Oprah

One of the richest and most powerful woman in the world looked like an ordinary young girl back in the day.


14). Pamela Anderson

Speaking of ordinary, Pam Anderson was pretty much that until she transformed herself into the definition of blonde bombshell.


15). Marilyn Manson

Erm, not to be a total bi*** but we can now understand why all that make up!

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