Top 10 Cheesiest Movies Lines of All Time

We all expect a bit of cheese with our movies. It happens. The scriptwriter has gotten carried away and a little bit of cheddar has entered the film; that can be forgiven but when it’s full on stinking Vieux Boulogne we have to put our foot down.

Foodmakers Warburtons commissioned a survey of 2000 people to see what was voted the top 10 cheesiest movie lines in the history of film and here they come; have the sick bucket at the ready folks.

10. The Postman.

"You're a godsend, a savior," a blind woman tells Kevin Costner.
"No," he replies. "I'm a postman."

The film tanked at the box office but we’re not surprised as most people would rather see a film about a savior than a postman, not that the royal mail men don’t do a good job.


9. Jerry McGuire

“You had me at hello,” Renee Zellweger responds to Tom Cruise’s belated declaration of love.

We rather like this one. She had to respond somehow. She couldn’t exactly say, ‘alright then you muppet, I’ll take ya back’ - it’s not Eastenders.


8. Braveheart

"They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!" Mel Gibson declared dramatically.

Yeah but what’s the point of freedom if you’re dead? You’re not thinking straight Mel.


7. Independence Day

"Today we celebrate our Independence Day," said by Bill Pullman as America (obviously) leads the entire world in a fight for survival against an alien invasion.

If you were of American stock perhaps, just perhaps, you swelled up with pride on hearing that line, but the rest of the world just threw up a little.


6. Notting Hill

"I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her," says the luminous Julia Roberts to Hugh Bumbling-Englishman-Grant.

Only in the films eh - imagine a real life girl saying that to a boy who has just dumped her - you know it’s not going to work.


5. Top Gun

"You can be my wingman any time," Val Kilmer says to Tom Cruise.

Guys just get a room. Kelly McGillis was so obviously surplus to requirement as she played Tom Cruise’s love interest in that film.


4. Ghost

Demi Moore says "I love you." to which Patrick Swayze replies "Ditto."

Again we don’t think this one is too bad. It’s hardly an undying declaration, in fact being told “ditto” after telling someone you love them may not even cut it in the real world as “romantic.”


3. Four Weddings and a Funeral

"Is it still raining? I hadn't noticed," said by Andie MacDowell to Hugh Bumbling-Englishman-Grant when he tells her he loves her.

This is - simply put - just a very stupid line


2. Dirty Dancing

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner" Patrick Swayze informs Jennifer Grey’s father.



1. Titanic

“I’m the King of the World” Leonardo shouts into the wind while balancing on the front bit of the Titanic.

And fittingly the "king" made it all the way to number one!

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