Things Women Do During Sex That Men Hate

Screaming Too Loud

A bit of moaning and groaning is fantastic but when women are yelling in our face it can be incredibly off putting and to be honest just a little scary. We’re trying to love you not kill you so when you scream and thrash about it does make the job at hand rather difficult.

Scratching Our Backs

One word; ouch! We did not sign up for physical abuse, it doesn’t increase the passion, it just bloody well hurts, so stop it!

Being Too Rough

I don’t know what it is about some women but for an unknown reason a few them have got it in their heads that the penis is indestructible and they’ll tug, pull and generally rough up our equipment no matter how much we tell them not to. These women are the same ones who always want to introduce their teeth during a BJ.

Doing Nothing

And then we have the women who do not even want to move a muscle during the entire thing. They lie there like a dead body and expect you to get off on it and when you so much as ask for a little participation they act all offended that you couldn’t do the entire thing yourself while they lay back and thought of England.

Puts a Finger up the Butt

Just because some sex manual says it she decides its time to try it. A finger up the butt is a pretty major thing so before they stick it up there shouldn’t they at least feel out the situation before plugging our nooks and crannies? There are a few men who like it but trust me, there are plenty more of us who don’t.

Asking Too Many Questions

“Do you like that?”
“Should I do this?”
“What do you want me to do?”

Figure it out yourself and stop interrupting us!

It’s not rocket science for Pete’s sake, go with the flow. Men aren’t as hard to please as women, foreplay requirements are minimum so unless we’re pulling away we’re probably enjoying what you’re doing.


So ladies do us a favour and keep this little list in mind when next you’re getting our rocks off. We love you already but we’ll love you even more!

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