Spa experience, Bethnal Green

Located just 5 minutes away from Bethnal Green station, Spa Experience by Better is a great escape from your regular 9 to 5. They offer a number of different relaxing and therapeutic services including massages, facials, prenatal treatments, beauty therapies as well as male beauty treatments.

I booked in for the Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance facial; a 55=minute facial where the facialist used mostly vegan products to do the treatment. The reason that this has been dubbed as the ‘Superfood’ facial is due to the richness of zinc, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and E in the different products used.

One of my favourite parts of the facial was that the treatment was not concentrated just to my face but my arms, decolletage and upper back also got a cleanse. Not only was this very relaxing, but it was great to have focus on these areas of my skin as they also get a lot of sun exposure.

Overall, the treatment was incredibly relaxing. With every exfoliating rub, I could feel all my worries and stresses leaving me behind. I believe there were actually even times during the facial that I fell asleep!  

After the facial, I took some time to relax in the spa. There are a number of different areas in the spa, including a steam room, sauna, ice baths and (my favourite) a quiet room. The rooms are designed for ultimate relaxation so when you’re there you can unwind to your heart’s content. 

I loved my facial and the overall experience at spa Experience Bethnal Green; cannot recommend highly enough. 

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