Shoryu team up with Final Fantasy XIV

Shoryu Ramen continues creating their innovative set food menus by partnering up with Final Fantasy XIV.

The three course set Shadowbringer set menu priced at a very reasonable £24 features dishes inspired by the popular video game franchise.

Starters include Moogle’s Favourite Buns (either a soy marinated chicken karaage or pumpkin croquette bun)  or Ultros Takoyaki (deep fried diced octopus balls).

The mains are the classic Ramens. Choose from the Meteor Survivor Ramen (white natural tofu ramen), the Miso Wafu Bahamut Ramen (with Japanese fried chicken) or the Ganso Behemoth Ramen (topped with BBQ pork belly).

Desserts include a vibrant green matcha flavoured cheesecake, a sweet potato tart accompanied with ice cream and mochi ice cream balls.

And to wash everything down you can choose from an array of refreshing non alcoholic cocktail style drinks.

Fans can be in with the chance of winning a grand prize of a brand new 4K Smart TV with a FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS branded Playstation 4 Console as well as a copy of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Complete Edition on Playstation 4. All you have to do is share a snap of your FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS menu and use the hashtag #ShoryuFinalFantasyXIV.

Anyone not quite lucky enough to get the star prize needn’t worry as there will be five copies of SHADOWBRINGERS for Playstation 4 available for runners-up. 

We love Shoryu and as always they’ve knocked it out of the park with yet another tasty set menu that we definitely recommend checking out.

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