The Rules of Twitter Etiquette – Twittiquette

1. Say no to the Egg.

Unless your face is truly fucked up don’t use the Twitter egg as your Avatar.

And even if your face is truly fucked up, we’d still rather see that than the Twitter Avatar.

But if you are totally against using your own face then at least Google something interesting off the net – like lightning/ a horse/ a boob – and just stick it up there.

2. Don’t Tweet too Much.

Don’t tweet on the minute every minute and hog up everyone’s mini feed.

For e.g. don’t do this:

Oh my God guys I just bought the most amazing bag.

Seriously.....lovin’ it!

Gawd I’m hungry.

Me and my bag heading to Starbucks.

Stop, stop, stop!

This is waaaay too much and it will lead to mass unfollowing. Ask yourself if you really want to tweet about your amazing bag to a 0 follower count.

  1. Don’t torture yourself if someone unfollows.

Yes, it’s going happen.

Some loser on the other side of the world is going to get it into their head that they no longer care what you have to say.

Well screw ‘em. You’re better than that!

Don’t take an unfollowing too personally.

  1. Credit RT’s

Don’t plagiarize on Twitter. If you RT something then give credit to the original poster.

If you don’t and are found out you’ll look like an asshole.

  1. Avoid Spammers

One day a hot girl is going to @ you something like this:

@YourAmusingTwitName, have you seen this?!

Do not click on that link, instead check her profile and see that she’s sent the exact same message to hundreds of other people.

These spammers use our penchant for hot people to make us click on some stupid link that will land us on some porn site with a million bugs that will attempt to KILL our computer.

Don’t do it. Don’t let the hot girl win!

  1. Use DMs

If you find yourself getting involved in a protracted one-on-one flirt session with a fellow Tweeter then move it to DM.

No one likes to read Tweet-Sex.

  1. Twittiquette is what you make it

At the end of the day, your Twitter is your Twitter and you have the freedom to do with it what you will.

Rules are made to be broken so if you want to just be an egg, tweeting about some bag no one cares about and flirting up a storm with someone who doesn’t even @ you back then go ahead.

I mean, I myself have an entirely one-sided pretty hot-n’-heavy relationship with Demi Moore (over Twitter).

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