Rom Com Cliches that simply have to go!

Romantic Comedies are one of the remaining genres which doesn’t rely heavily on CGI and explosions; therefore one would expect screen writers to take advantage of that and produce some really engaging pieces of original cinema.

Disappointingly that is far from the case and the Rom Coms that are churned out trot out cliché after cliché. We get far less When Harry Met Sally and far more Failure to Launch. Below we list some of the clichés which have been exhausted and really have to go;





1. Our Hero and Heroine can’t stand each other – yes, very intriguing for the first time to see how our protagonist’s resolve their differences but when watching the same bickering dialogue for the hundredth time this tends to get a bit tedious.

Surely script writers can think up some other obstacle rather than the fact that they hate each other.


2. The Sidekick friend – probably a little overweight friend who lives vicariously through our Heroine.

This method of making our lead actress seem even more desirable by putting her next to a bit of a loser is unnecessary and unrealistic; and we doubt that the "loser" friend really cares that much about her friend’s love life in the first place.




3. Fish out of Water – a successful barracuda/ business tycoon ends up in some back water, possibly their home town from which they have managed to escape, and upon return learns some life lessons, mainly that money isn’t everything.

This cliché relies on the fact that for some inexplicable reason it is assumed that all successful people seem to lose touch with reality as soon as they earn enough money.



4. Quirky Heroine – the Rom Com assumes that characteristics which may seem highly annoying in real life suddenly become endearing and charming on the silver screen. Our Heroine is bestowed with a number of little quirks which make her unique and set hers apart from the normal girl. It makes you wonder what is just so awful about the normal girl?



5. The Transformation – as much as we all enjoy seeing a good makeover this scene of ugly duckling transforming into beautiful swan has been played out so many times that the audience is always expecting it.

And it’s hardly surprising that an already clearly beautiful girl with hair pulled back and glasses becomes even more beautiful without these debilitating appendages.


6. The ‘’Hilarious’’ Pet – for people who aren’t huge animal lovers the stupid cat/dog which gets flushed down the toilet resulting in all manner of ‘’hilarity’’ is nothing more than an extremely annoying waste of time.


7. The Montage – a series of dates packed into a two minute montage with John Denver playing in the background is the lazy way to show the growth of a relationship, whereas a few well crafted scenes would serve the same purpose and give more depth. The montage is a bit of a cheat really.




8. The Rush to the Airport – impractical, unoriginal and unrealistic. The Hero finally realises the girl of his dreams is about to fly away and he makes a mad dash to the airport to stop her from leaving him. In most cases the girl is only flying to another state so it's a wonder why the guy can’t just wait until her flight lands to give her a phone call.

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