Our Top 10 X factor Moments!

10. Cher Lloyd's audition

When Cher Lloyd, a young, funky, rather well spoken english girl from Malvern Worcestershire took the X factor stage no one expected her to bust into Keri Hilson's Turn My Swag On and saunter across the stage as if she was already a pop star in her own right.

Her urban streak and rap skills wowed the judges and a star was born. Love her or hate her, Cher Lloyd bought something to the X factor we had never seen before.


9. Danyl Johnson audition

Teacher Danyl Johnson gave arguably the best ever audition on the UK X factor after he managed to get the audience participating and singing along with him.

Johnson worked the crowd like a pro and by the end they were on their feet applauding.


8. Ablisa

Never has an audition been as hilarious as the Ablisa incident on the 2010 edition of the X factor. The friends took to the stage declaring their closeness and within minutes they became involved in a fist fight. The footage was priceless and X factor producers delighted in showing us the clip of one half of Ablisa sticking an elbow in the other half's face.

The clip has racked up an incredible 11.5 million hits on Youtube.


7. Beyonce's performance with Alexandra Burke

Beyonce proved to be one of the most gracious guest performers on the X factor, taking Burke under her wing and allowing the younger girl to shine. Tears poured down Burke's face as she sang with her hero.

Beyonce almost didn't agree to come on the X factor after Simon made an ill advised comment in Esquire magazine saying: "I find the whole thing mystifying. She's not sexy, she hasn't got a great body and she's not a great singer."

When it came time to ask her on the show Beyonce demanded an apology and Simon Cowell had to eat humble pie.

Producers and Cowell knew that Beyonce was one of the few recording artists in the world who had the pulling power to help them achieve record ratings.

A source close to Beyonce later told The Daily Express: “There’s been bad blood between her entire family and Cowell ever since his ridiculous rant in Esquire. Believe me, it took a lot of apologizing on his part to swing it. At the end of the day, she realized she has a big fan base in Britain. She’s appearing for them, not for Simon Cowell."

Simon Cowell admitted in a recent interview to Extra TV that Beyonce's father didn't take too kindly to his insults. Cowell admitted her X factor performance was probably the best he had ever heard anyone ever sing, saying: "It was still obviously in her head, what I said. I apologised because I was wrong. She sang better than anybody I have ever heard anyone sing in my life live and at one point just looked over at me and went, [with her eyes] 'criticise that.'"


6. Debbie Stevens the Water Throwing Crazy Girl

Pompous Debbie Stevens was firmly put in her place when the judges told her in no uncertain terms that her voice wasn't the amazing thing she thought it was.

Needless to say she didn't take it very well and for some reason directed all of her anger toward Louie Walsh.

But as you'll see Walsh came out the undeniable winner in their ensuing altercation.


5. Chloe Mafia - tart with a heart?

Chloe Mafia was a stange one; you didn't know whether to love her or hate her. Dressed like a lady of the night but with an air of vulnerability we wanted to give her a chance but Mafia ended up being her own worst enemy; after making it to bootcamp she ruined her chance by partying into the night which resulted in her voice being not anywhere near strong enough to take her through to the next stage.


4. Ariel Burdett the academic

Ariel Burdett stormed into the X factor audition like a mad woman, determined to give the judges an education. Needless to say the judges didn't take too kindly to her tutoring.


3. Holly Jervis - Cave Mouth

Poor Holly Jervis was left devestated when the judges failed to see anything special in her singing ability and to add insult to injury Simon Cowell even told her that when she sang it was like looking into a cave.

A professional singer, Gervis was left startled by the comments and in fact when producers tried to get her to be part of the comedy section of the X factor tour she wasn't having any of it; refusing all their phone calls.


2. Alexandra Burke - second time's the charm

Alexandra Burke had the bad luck of having Louis Walsh decide who would be put through to the live finals the first time she entered the X factor. Walsh who isn't known for spotting talent on the show and who much prefers the comedy acts sent Burke away, presumably because she was too talented.

But Burke did not give up & after three years she found herself auditioning again for the show and luckily for her, that time round there were three other sane judges who were there to oversee the proceedings.


1. Leona Lewis - X factor winner

Let's be honest, Leona Lewis was the first really credible artist to come out of the UK X factor. Such was the buzz around the shy girl with the incredible voice that American producers were contacting Simon even before she won, convinced that they had found the new Mariah Carey & Whitney Housten rolled into one.

This was the series where the X factor truly started to become stratospheric in the UK televisual calendar.

As a fitting tribute to the show Lewis is at our number 1 and we relieve her winning moment.

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