Need a break from work? Wait until you're 38... dwyer

If you're considering taking a sabbatical from the stresses and strains of modern life, 38 is the ideal age to do it, a study has found. Researchers found as you approach your forties, this is the time when you are financially secure and established enough in your career that you can afford to take an extended break, but young enough to still do everything you want.

By that age, many have also got as far as they can in their career and have a better idea of what they would like to do than when they were younger.

But while seven in ten workers dream of being able to take a long period of time off work at some point in their future, just one in twenty think they will actually have a good chance of doing so.

Instead, 70% are trying to cram everything they want to do into their annual leave because they don't believe they will ever get to enjoy anything longer than a couple of weeks off work in one go.

In the survey - that was commissioned by Hilton HHonors - 81% of the 2000 people polled thought 'adult gap years' are better later in life once you have established yourself within your career and don't need to worry about taking a step away for a while.

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