Movie Characters that Stole the Show

Once in a while there comes along a movie character that is not the star and sometimes not even integral to the story but they make such an impact that they become ingrained into the collective movie goer’s consciousness, here are six such examples...


1). Jessica Rabbit – she’s a cartoon but that didn’t stop men falling in love with her and to this day she’s still a regular in sexiest polls. Who can forget the sultry number she performs when she asks ‘’Why don’t you do right?’’


2). Lisa Rowe – the charismatic sociopath was played by Angelina Jolie with such magnetism that it won Jolie her Oscar. Originally Girl Interrupted was conceived as a vehicle for Winnona Ryder whose star was riding high at the time but Jolie completely stole the film.


3). Gogo Yubari – that Japanese school girl in Kill Bill. She puts up a great fight and there are moments when you feel our protagonist Uma Thurmen has met her match.

Their battle is one of the highlights in the violent extravaganza that is the 10 minute fight scene at the end of Kill Bill I and no one can forget the chilling yet beautiful villainess that is Gogo Yubari.


4). Milly Theale – in Wings of a Dove Helena Bonham Carter is overshadowed by the sheer loveliness with which actress Alison Elliot plays the dying heiress Milly who both Bonham Carter and her easily led boyfriend are trying to dupe. 


5). HAL – the most famous computer of all time. HAL is both menacing and vulnerable and Douglas Rain who provided HAL’s voice does a magnificent job of imbuing a computer with emotions.


6). Tyler Durden – arguably the coolest character in movie history.

Tyler Durden has a philosophy that self destruction leads to inner growth and however misguided, he is utterly confident in his belief; so confident in fact that a whole army of men adopt his ideas in Fight Club.

Brad Pitt has never been more commanding or mesmerizing on screen and although Edward Norton pulls out an incredible performance opposite him it is Pitt’s Tyler Durden who is stays etched in our memories.

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