Men Name their Top 5 Undesirable Women

Our friends at have – in addition to naming the most desirable women – named and shamed the top undesirable women. We run through 5 of these women and see what lessons can be learned from these unwanted maidens so we ourselves never have to suffer a similar fate.

No. 5

Cat Bin Lady

Remember the Cat Bin Lady? She was the infamous bank worker from Coventry who stroked a cat then dumped it in a wheelie bin where it remained trapped for 15 hours.

The furious owner of the cat uploaded CCTV footage of the incident on Youtube and a new hate figure was born.

She apologised profusely, and was made to pay over a £1000 for the suffering she had caused the animal.

Lesson Learned

Don’t pick on animals for no reason.


No. 4


Simply put the males seem to think the Queen of Pop has had too much work done. The botox, the sinewy arms and all that dancing about in a leotard has, it seems, put them off.

Lesson Learned

Age gracefully.


No. 3

Lindsay Lohan

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan managed to walk the fine line between badass sexy and complete mess.

However in the last couple of years it seems the complete mess part has taken over. She no longer appears in the sexiest lists but has taken to appearing on police reports for her addictions and downright barmy behaviour.

Lesson Learned

Don’t do drugs. Just say No!


No. 2


Pop star Ke$ha’s self confessed fascination with garbage and somewhat dirty (literally dirty) image doesn’t seem to have gone down to well.

Lesson Learned

Take regular showers and don’t wear garbage.


No. 1

Katie Price

Katie Price used to be a sex symbol but as her boobs got bigger so unfortunately did her mouth. After witnessing her reality show in which she constantly undermined and attempted to emasculate ex husband Peter Andre the opposite sex have decided they've had enough of her.

Lesson Learned


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