How to Talk Dirty

by Sarah Gibbs

Rule 1: Don’t Get Freaked Out

It’s not like he’s asked you for a threesome with this mate Chris down the pub so don’t get freaked out. A lot of guys like being talked dirty to; it’s a pretty common fantasy.

If a request is placed don’t get nervous, relax.

Rule 2: Stick to the Basics

Don’t get elaborate.

Describe his dick in the most basic of terms, “hard, hot, and amazing.” There is absolutely no need to get flowery about it.

Also things like “you’re making me so hot when you’re....” is good.

Rule 3: If you get Stuck, Describe what you’re Doing

This is a good trick. Sometimes even the best dirty talkers can run out of things to say so just describe what is happening.

Feel free to plug the gaps with moans and groans of ecstasy.

Rule 4: Practice by Yourself

To get fully comfortable before you unleash your dirty talk it might help to practice privately by yourself.

Rule 5: Use Swear Words – Within Reason

Dirty talk lets you say thing that you normally wouldn’t so take the opportunity and let loose, however be careful you don’t turn into a complete truck driver.

Rule 6: Don’t Dirty Talk to Everyone

Although a significant proportion of the male population love a bit of dirty talk you may end up with a guy who hates it so don’t launch into it with every sexual partner.

Gauge the situation and introduce it if he asks or seems into it. You don’t want him walking out mid way because he’s horrified. 

So go forth, talk dirty and have fun!

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