How to Make your Eyelashes Longer & Thicker

Everybody wants long lush eyelashes but not everyone is naturally blessed with deer like lashes. Luckily there are ways to fake it and we show you a few simple steps to get longer, thicker eyelashes:

Step 1

Take your mascara wand and touch the tips of your top eyelashes with the brush and let the mascara dry. This will result in the ends of your lashes being thicker in comparison to the rest which will make them pop.

Step 2

Apply a coat of mascara as you would normally do. Be sparing with the coats, one brush through is all you need at this stage.

Step 3

Very lightly dust some dark eye shadow over your top lashes. Use a small brush rather than your fingers to avoid mess.

Step 4

Reapply your mascara and be slightly more liberal with the coats. Your lashes should now look fuller and longer than ever before. If they have separated out into clumps then you have used too much mascara. You can reduce some of the mascara by lightly touching the lashes with a facial cleansing wipe and then you should brush through with a fine toothed eyelash comb.

It is likely that you will end up using too much mascara the first few times you try this so don’t worry. Over time you should be able to gauge what is right for you.

Step 5

Turn your mascara wand into the vertical position and lightly go over your bottom lashes a couple of times to give them a bit of oomph and volume. Don’t attempt to do more than that as bottom lashes are naturally less full than the top ones and if you go overboard you may end up looking slightly silly.

And there you have it, longer, thicker lashes.

A side note:

It is strongly recommended that eyelash curlers and false eyelashes not be used unless it is for a special occasion as both weaken the natural lashes. Curlers do not make a significant enough difference to warrant the damage they do and false eyelashes although startling do not always look natural.

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