How to Get Rid of Spots ASAP!

So you have a hot date tonight and argh a little mountain has decided to take up residence at the end of your nose! What should you do? What can you do? Cancel, cry, wear a paper bag over your head? Well panic not, we’ll show you how to blitz that spot asap so you can greet the world blemish free and flawless.

Prevention better than cure

While this article is all about quick fixes we think it’s worthwhile to go over the things which will prevent spots appearing in the first place. Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, removing make up before going to bed and a healthy diet and lifestyle are essential.
Yes, it may be boring but if you want to party like a rock star be prepared for the possibility of many a break why not compromise and party like a country singer instead?

Quick fixes

These fixes will take at least four hours to make any noticeable difference but for best results use most of the treatments overnight unless otherwise instructed within the following text.

  1. Toothpaste – dab toothpaste onto the red angry spots and leave overnight. When you wash off first thing the next morning you should notice a significant difference.
  2. Sudocrem – sudocrem is the nappy rash cream which surprisingly works a treat to get rid of spots.
  3. Tea tree oil – apply tea tree oil to your spots and watch them vanish.
  4. Silicol Skin – many swear by this quick fix acne treatment. Apply 2 – 3 times a day on the troubled areas, wait 10 minutes and then wash off.
  5. Hot and Cold water – when taking your morning shower alternate between very hot and very cold water. The hot water will open up your pores and the cold water will close them. The water will effectively remove bacteria and dirt which is the cause of spots.
  6. Nail polish remover/ aftershave/ perfume – dab nail polish remover or aftershave or perfume onto the spot 2 – 3 times throughout the day and wash off after 5 minutes. This may sting a little.
  7. Clean and Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel – for some this gel works wonders and dries out spots in no time.
  8. Savlon – this skin healing antiseptic cream works pretty well to minimize those spots.

Additional Notes

These quick fixes will have different success levels for different people however the majority should make a visible difference.

These are not meant for long term use but only as a last resort emergency intervention so by no means should you make any of these quick fixes part of your normal skin care routine.

Nothing will ever replace the good old healthy lifestyle option for permanently clearing up spots.

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