How to Create the Perfect Smokey Eye

Things you will need:

A gold or bronze eye shadow.

A black eye shadow.


A black eye liner.


Make sure the eye shadows are pigmented (i.e. the colours are intense) and that the black/brown pencil liner glides comfortably and smoothly along the eye.

If you have blue/green eyes opt for brown liner - the rest should choose the black.


The How-to:

Step 1

Apply the gold/ bronze eye shadow on the eyelid, starting from the inner corner to about two thirds of the way to the edge.

Ensure you pack it on.


Step 2

Take the black shadow and apply to the outer part of the eye at a diagonal slant.

Again, make sure to pack it on.


Step 3

Blend the gold and black lightly with a soft fluffy eye shadow brush so the colours make a smooth transition on the lid. Use a gentle hand as we still want the colours to remain separate but without harsh lines.


Step 4

Apply the eyeliner (you can use liquid eyeliner here also) along your top lid and make a flick at the end.

Then taking the pencil eyeliner, line your waterline and join the liner to the flick.

Finally add a few licks of mascara to both the upper and lower lashes.

And the smokey eye is complete!

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