How to Apply False Eyelashes

Applying false eyelashes can be a tricky business -what with the lash glue tending to go everywhere and the lashes refusing to stick to your eyelid and favouring your finger tips instead – and so we’ve written out a quick and easy guide for applying false lashes with the least amount of mess and fuss.

Things you will need: -

  1. The lashes
  2. Lash glue
  3. Eyebrow scissors
  4. A plate
  5. Q-tip with the one of the cotton ends snapped off
  6. Hand gel
  7. Two tweezers
  8. A tea spoon
  9. Liquid eyeliner
  10. Mascara


Steps: -

1. Take the lashes and measure against your own lashes to check whether or not they are the right length for your eyes. If the lashes are longer take your eyebrow scissors and cut them to a more appropriate length, remembering to cut from the outer edge rather than the edge that will rest against the inner corner.

Some people dislike false eyelashes precisely because they look false but false lashes can do wonders for the eyes, making them look bigger and more intense. To make the lashes look more natural you can easily trim them down a little to shorten the length to what you feel looks best. This is a good tip for those who would like to wear false lashes in the daytime and want a softer look.

2. After you are satisfied with the length of your lashes squeeze some hand gel – you only need a drop or so onto the plate. This gel is a precautionary device and hopefully you will not need it. Lash glue tends to go everywhere the first few times girls get used to applying the false lashes so it helps to have the gel on hand so you can quickly get rid of the glue and get back to applying the lash before the glue gets too dry and the lash become unmanageable.

3. Apply your liquid eyeliner as normal. This is done first so that if there end up being any small gaps between your own lashes and the false lashes it will not be noticeable because of the liner

4. Squeeze out the lash glue onto the plate. Many advise to put the glue onto the hand but again the minimal amount of stickiness on the hands is optimal for applying the lashes perfectly.

Wait for the glue to become tacky and then use the broken end of the Q-tip to apply the glue to the false lashes making sure that there is more at the ends and the middle as those are the vital areas. Taking care to ensure the glue is applied appropriately now reduces the risk of them falling off at the end of the night.

5. Using your two tweezers hold the lashes by the edges and then place them immediately above your natural lash line – aim not to put it straight against the lash line because if your actual lashes and the false lashes are too closely attached when it comes time for you to detach the falsies you may very well end up pulling out your own lovely lashes.

Once you become more adept you won’t need two tweezers, one should be enough and some girls are even so adept all they really end up using are their fingers however using tweezers definitely makes it that much easier to give a fine finish.

6. Hold the false lashes in place for about 30 seconds. If your are not completely happy with the placing then gently use the tip of your finger to adjust. Don’t worry about making it too perfect, about right should do.

7. Now use the round edge of the tea spoon to press the lash in place. This is to again ensure that the lashes are firmly attached and don’t fall off during a night of vigorous dancing. This trick is one of the oldest in a make up artist’s book.

8. Use your eyeliner to go over your false eyelashes as if you were reapplying as normal. The liner will pull everything together and give your lash application a seamless look. There will be no gaps, no edges -this is why you do not have to panic if the application is not perfect, as long as it is close enough the liner should finish off the rest of the job for you.

9. And then the final step; applying mascara. Place your index finger along the top of the false lashes and then apply the mascara across both your natural and your false lashes, marrying the two together so you end up with natural looking beautiful thick, long eyelashes.

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