Global Love Stats

What is the Average age people lose their Virginty?

UK: 16 years old.

US: 17 years old.

Italy: 19 years old.

Japan: 17 years old.

India: 20 years old.


How Many Sexual Partners do People Have?

UK: 12 (males) 7 (females).

US: 11 (males) 6 (females).

Italy: 12 (males)  7 (females).

Japan: 4 (males) 2 (females).

India: 3 (males) 1(females).


What is the Average age to get Married?

UK: 29 years old.

US: 27 years old.

Italy: 31 years old.

Japan: 31 years old.

India: 23 years old.


What are the Divorce Rates?

UK:  42.6%

US :  49.8%

Italy: 12%

Japan: 1.9%

India: 1.1%


How Many Children do Couples have on Average?

UK:  1.7

US: 2

Italy: 1.2

Japan: 1.4

India: 3


How Long Does a Couple take over Lovemaking?

UK:  21 minutes.

US: 28 minutes.

Italy: 14 minutes.

Japan:  12 minutes.

India: 12 minutes.


Interesting Facts

UK:  The most unfaithful group in Europe, 42% of people admit to infidelity.

US: Asking for a date over email is seen as quite normal whereas the rest of the world prefer face to face, over the phone or even a text; an email is not generally regarded as acceptable. 

Italy: Italian stallions have the least sex in Europe, less than a 100 times a year.

Japan:  20% of Japanese couples do not have physical intimacy for months on end, and once a month is very common for as many as 45% of couples.

India: 9% of Indian women use vibrators compared to the 21% global average although up to 13% express an interest in having a go.

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