The Facebook Commandments

1). Thou Shalt Not Stalk an Ex

It delays the healing process by months.


2). Thou Shalt Not Unfriend in a Fit of Anger

Unfriending is the equivalent of wiping out a person’s entire existence from your life so be sure you are willing to lose the person you unfriend.


3). Thou Shalt Not Wall Post What Belongs in an Inbox

Remember Facebook is a public forum; you may defecate on your wall however you wish but another person’s Facebook is their own domain so be respectful.


4). Thou Shalt Not Friend Request Friends of Friends Unless Thou Desires to Seem Creepy


5). Thou Shalt Not Impersonate People/ Create Fake Accounts Unless Thou Desires to Seem Mentally Unbalanced


6). Thou Shalt Not Create Cyber Bullying Groups

This is not funny and makes you seem incredibly juvenile. Others may laugh along with you but privately they will regard you as nothing more than a massive prick.


7). Thou Shalt Not Declare the Relationship Status It’s Complicated Unless Thou Wishes to Remain Single Indefinitely

There is no other status more off-putting to potential partners that the It’s Complicated phrase. It drastically reduces your pulling power.


8). Thou Shalt Not Pass on Chain Messages to Thou’s Entire Friend List

Incredibly people’s mothers do not DIE IN THREE DAYS if they do not pass on these chain messages.

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