Busting the Myths about Women that Men Believe

Girls don’t fart.

Believe it or not a small but significant number of little boys actually believe women don’t fart. Bless! That illusion is normally broken in their teens by either a) getting smart or b) witnessing one.


Women are less aggressive than men.

Studies have shown that in situations where societal expectations are removed women react just as aggressively if not even more aggressively than men.

Cultural stereotypes, their inherently more caring nature, less physical strength and the fact that women are more consequence driven might explain why women are the less aggressive sex, but these studies show that when push comes to shove they can duke it out just as well as the men.


Women look better with less make up.

Most men insist that they prefer their women with less make-up and a more natural look but when men were shown images of women with absolutely no make-up and women with a lot of make-up but in neutral shades they invariably picked the latter.

Men confuse darker shades of make up to be a lot of make-up and perceive lighter more neutral toned make-up as natural.


Women want to cuddle after sex.

In fact a third of women suffer from post coital dysphoria which is like a mini depression after orgasm and the last thing they want to do is cuddle.

The exact reasons for this sadness is unknown; one reason that has been suggested may be that the women equate sex as wrong as a result of their upbringing, however this is speculation and there are no definitive answers.

In most cases the melancholy passes after a few minutes after which the woman will feel happy to touch her partner but in severe cases it will take a few hours for the woman to recover and in that time sharing affection with her partner is not a priority.


Women are less promiscuous than men.

Although women are still less promiscuous than men they are fast catching up but the only difference is that they are not so honest about it.

The stigma of sleeping with multiple partners still carries weight and studies have shown that women will significantly decrease the number of men they claim to have slept with in order to preserve their image as “a good girl.”

But in the modern world with marriage and children being postponed in favour of career and monetary security sexual promiscuity is inevitably on the rise for both sexes.


Women don’t watch porn.

Women both watch and enjoy porn.

Although few publicly admit to it well over 50% of women watch porn, in fact some estimates go as high as 66%.

Studies have shown that women’s brains react just as quickly as men’s when they are exposed to erotic images.


Women aren’t as good at business/science.

Business and science are male dominated areas and because of the relatively low number of females who flourish in those arenas it is assumed that women just aren’t as good in those fields.

However test results have shown that women theoretically can be just as successful as men in those areas. Although men have more practical intelligence, women have a more far reaching outlook so neither sex has an outright advantage.

But women have children. The career break that many woman take - something which is a result of the natural maternal instinct - does hinder their progression. Their focus cannot be so unremittingly on the prize as with their male counterparts as the woman's family becomes another major responsibility.

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