The Actors & Actresses who will never win an Oscar

by Josiane Barbosa Santos

The time of the year where thespians from here and there (well mainly the US and UK) are awarded that prized Bald Golden Statuet.

But there are some actors and actresses who don't quite make the cut, who despite making an appearance on that red carpet,are just not Oscar material.

Knowing how to act is suposedly synonymous of being able to demonstrate some versatility in one's work, or is it?

Hollywood is full of actors that can show us the range of their work quite easily, meaning, they can play and adapt to pretty much any role.Think the remarkable Kate Winslet or Christian Bale.Actors like them can play bad, good, can make you laugh or cry until your eyes are red, they can disturb and unsettle you or win your heart.

However, at the same time, there are well known “actors” that seem to be stuck in the same role or character over and over again.

We look some of the usual suspects and examine why they won't ever have Academy Award winner after their name...


Kate Hudson

Daughter of movie star Goldie Hawn, acting runs in the family, however, despite a brillant career beginning with films such as Almost Famous and Gossip she seems to have become typecast as the ditzy, cutezy blonde in numerous rom-coms. Some of these films are ok but most of them are terrible, case in point; Bride Wars and My best friend's Girl.


Vincent Vaungh

Initially Vaungh seemed to bring something new to the big screen, with his quirky, stressed out personality and his unique trying-to-put-too-many-words-together speech delivery.

But after many films his persona has not seem to change at all, be he starring in comedy or action (Mr. And Mrs. Smith and Four Christmas). Vince Vaungh just does not shake it up at all.

IMDB's List describes his acting  as “Lazy, slobbish, single guy with the maturity age of a 17 year old”.


Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan's Sally in When Harry met Sally was the role that kicked off her Career and theT role stuck forever.

If you sit and watch Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail or Kate and Leopold there she is, the opinionated quirky city girl, that stands her ground, and always gets into arguments with her love interest to push her point, but at at the end just wants someone to love her back.

You can't help but wonder at the end of her films “haven't I seen that character before?”


Michael Cera

Nothing much to say, if you watch his films you will easily get the point. Juno, Scott Pilgrim, Year One, it's always the same awkward,Cera is always the insecure nerdy teen who stutters and seems to have a difficulty in conveying any sort of emotion or reaction.


Jennifer Aniston

Rachel Geller Forever.

Even though her characters are slightly more developed  than her Friends persona, Jannifer Aniston  seems to constantly play the same woman. She's  always good natured, down to earth, well balanced and unlucky in love, but somehow at the end of her movie always manages to end up find Mr. Right...hmmmm...


Mathew MacConaughey

Like his How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days co-star Kate Hudson, Mathew MacConaughey too had a pretty exciting career start, with one of his best films being A Time To kill.

But then suddenly it is as if McConaughey appears to have decided that serious films were too hard.

He is now considered the rom-com King and always plays the good looking guy or ladies man, kinda surfer, kinda sporty, always cool and charming and always shirtless.


Michelle Rodriguez

Her big breaktrough performance with Girl Fight, and she has continued fighting ever since.

It's either because she has been typecast all this time or it's just her range, but so far, Michelle Rodriguez hasn't managed to ditch the badass latina image.


Nicholas Cage

It's not so much that Nicholas Cage plays the same role, but more that his facial expression never changes.

In all his films, apart from Face Off, where he swaps faces with John Travolta, that's maybe why, Cage seems to always act any role with the same droopy eyed expression.


Don't misunderstand, these actors and actresses are still bankable stars who pull in the crowds, we will still continue to watch and and enjoy most of their films over and over again but acting prowess? We don't think so.

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