9 Things Men Should Never Say to a Woman

1. "I think you should lose some weight."

Gasp. This is something a bloke should never say.

Women are notoriously sensitive about their weight and if their partner tells them to lose some pounds they are more than likely to lose their minds instead.

And since most men unfortunately don’t have the face of Brad Pitt or the bulging muscles of Ryan Reynolds it's infinitely better if they keep their weight advice to themselves.


2. "I’m not in the mood."

Women think of men as sex machines dying to get into our pants 24/7 so if they turn around and tell us they are “not in the mood” we won’t buy it.

In this situation the guy should man up and do the deed unless they’ve just come back from war or something, then its probably an acceptable excuse.


3. "How would you feel about inviting your friend to join us?"

Most women are not up for threesomes so guys shouldn't ask.

If she is so inclined, don’t worry, she’ll let him know herself but if the lady has never mentioned any interest in exploring sex in a group setting then the topics is best left alone.


4. "What’s the big deal about the whole Facebook relationship status?"

That’s the point exactly, it’s not a big deal at all until he refuses to put it up on his profile; that’s when it makes her question exactly why is he so reluctant. Is it because he is an online playboy? Probably.

Girls aren’t stupid; if a guy is refusing to tell people that he has a girlfriend he’s probably trying to keep his options open and unwilling to scare away other girls with “in a relationship” facebook declaration.


5. "I think they have a point..."

When you are in the midst of an argument with anyone, your mum, your boss, that little old lady that you knocked over on the street, the last thing you want is for your boyfriend to sheepishly pipe up that they think the other party has a point.

What are you supposed to do? Continue arguing? Extract the knife from your back? Kill everyone involved?

Girls demand unquestioning loyalty from their other halves in public, if he’s got a problem he can tell her in private but there is no way she’s going to let him get away with siding with the enemy.


6. "What’s up with your hair?"

Nothing. It looks fantastic. End of.

Commenting negatively on her appearance is just a big no-no unless she’s a) dressed like a stripper and there is no way he can get behind that or b) she’s turned up with piercings, tattoos and an array of other permanent body modifications that makes him scared of her.


7. Calling her Sarah when her name is Kate.

Unless he is in an American reality TV show where the women are stripped of all dignity and around 60 of them are competing over one man and he is that one man in question, then and only then maybe he has an excuse for getting the name wrong.


8. "Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper."

Not if its important to her it isn’t.

Marriage is the ultimate commitment because it’s much harder to get out of it than if you are just boyfriend and girlfriend; to leave your husband/wife you need to get the legal system involved so yeah marriage is a bit more than just a piece of paper.

If he isn't ready to get married then jhe should ust tell her because if he is not ready, he is not ready and no one should/can pressurize anyone into anything they are not ready for.


9. "Your friend is hot."

That’s code for saying “I wouldn’t mind sleeping with your friend.” Unfortunately that is a code a girlfriend knows.

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