7 incredibly EASY ways to lose weight

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Losing weight is tough, hence the billion dollar diet industry but we all secretly know that losing weight is only really a matter of willpower and good choices. To help you on that journey we give you 7 easy rules to help you become the trimmer you!

1. Wake Up Early

Having a sleep rota all out of whack confuses the body and if you’re trying to lose weight it doesn’t know what to do....should it conserve? Should it burn fat? Should it go into starvation mode?

If you’re serious about losing weight you have to make a commitment to a regular sleep pattern.

For the night owls this can be surprisingly tough but persevere as it will reap you benefits.

2. Exercise Early

Get it out of the way asap, especially if you don’t enjoy exercise.
In the morning everything looks bright and fresh and manageable. You are more likely to get into the habit of exercising daily if you do it early.

3. Make Sure You Pick an Exercise You Enjoy

Forget the fads....the Zumbas, the Spinning, even the Yoga. If you don’t enjoy them DON’T do them.

Exercise is simply moving about, you should do something that gets the heart pumping and throw in a bit of simple resistance training (i.e. 20 push ups, 20 bicep curls with 1 litre bottles of water etc).

Exercise should never be about state of the art gym equipment, there are always cheap alternatives and avoid associating losing weight with having expensive equipment.

The only people who should really shell out money on gym memberships are the gym bunnies who truly enjoy it and who know they will be going at least three times a week. If you are unfit the chances of you transforming into a health fanatic overnight is extremely unlikely so be realistic and takes things slowly.

4. Be Patient

Losing weight is a time consuming endeavour, real change will only be seen after 8 weeks of adherence to a diet and exercise plan.

In real terms, 8 weeks is nothing but for some reason when it comes to losing weight it feels like an eternity as everyone wants to see an instant change. Throughout this period keep reminding yourself to be patient or you run the all too easy risk of abandoning the programme.

5. Eat plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

People, TV chefs and the diet industry have made eating healthy an unbelievably complicated task.

Remind yourself that it is not rocket science.

Have a load of veg on one side of your dinner plate every meal and have a few pieces of fruit to snack on. Job done.

Most people have a good idea of how much they need to eat to lose weight and to maintain their weight so just pay attention to what you’re putting in your mouth.

Granted the average recommended calorie intake for a woman is around 2000 calories but what if you’re shorter than average, what if you’re less active then average and what if you’re metabolism rate isn’t that high? Perhaps the recommended amount for you is only 1500 calories. Instead of guessing or going by the 2000 mark have a discussion with a Dr if calorie counting is your thing.

6. Get into the habit of saying No to food

If you’re not hungry say “no”, if it is fattening say “no”, if you’re eating because you feel a bit bored say “no” and distract yourself.

The first few times will be tough but guess what? 10 days in and you’ll be fine. Forming new habits isn’t really that difficult.

7. Stand Up Straight & Stretch a Little Every Day

A correct posture and stretching ensures you’re muscles are all nice and limber. A healthy, well oiled body keeps the fat off easily.

In fact, if after the initial weight loss you are able to maintain a good but at the same time manageable lifestyle you should be able to maintain your new body relatively easily.

It will still be essential to monitor the food you eat very closely however as long as you are somewhat active you can cut down the period of focussed exercise to only three times a week for 40 minutes.

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