20 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

1. Be nice to your parents. You don’t have to agree with them but cherish them as they grow older; the memories will be priceless.

2. Travel. Go to different countries and meet different cultures. Your heart and your perspective will expand.

3. Failure is an option and perhaps a better option. Don’t be afraid of it.

4. Never pay off only the minimum on Credit cards.

5. Hedonism does not equate to happiness. Go wild for a couple of years but don’t make it a permanent lifestyle choice.

6. Monetary wealth does not equate happiness. Find your passion and apply yourself.

7. Women; don’t sleep with someone because you want to keep hold of them, it is not a long term solution.

 8. Men; master the art of foreplay, it is important.

9. T.V, films and books are wonderful but they should never replace living a life.

10. Everyone rotates on the winner’s podium. Today it is your friend’s turn, tomorrow it will be yours.

11. Meet change like a friend.

12. Trust your gut.

13. Expect more of yourself, of others and of the world.

14. Work out for an hour three times a week. It will be worth it in the long run.

15. Don’t get too hung up on things like religion and death. You will never know the answers; it will only hurt your brain.

16. on’t impose your ideas on others. It is not your place or your business.

17. Not every friendship is meant to last a life time.

18. Open a Savings account.

19. Don’t rush into a relationship/ living together/ marriage; ticking the boxes is not worth it.

20. To dream is good, to work toward the dream is better.

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