The 10 Most Overrated Films

No. 10: Titanic

Yeah, so we all agree it's a piece of shit film now but back in 1997 most people – well, ok, mostly women – were crying over Jack & buying Celine Dion. Yeah, yeah, deny it all you like; the film didn’t become the most successful film of all time (well, it just lost its title to Avatar last year) and Celine Dion didn’t stay in the charts forever unless someone was buying the stuff.


No. 9: America Beauty

We were all told that American Beauty depicted American suburbia as it really is.

Yeah, right.

Apparently super pretty cheerleaders develop crushes on middle aged men and neighbours turn out to be murderous closeted gay homophobes. Sorry America we know better, the real America is the stuff they show on MTV like Teen Mom.


No. 8: Chicago

Chicago winning the best picture Oscar is frankly an embarrassment to the Academy Awards. Granted it was a bad picture year but Chicago? Come on! They should have given it to The Pianist or at the very least Gangs of New York.


No.7: Brazil

In spite of a kick ass concept and all that flying Brazil still manages to be rather boring. It takes ages to get going and by the time it does we’re past caring.


No. 6: Pulp Fiction

Obviously stating in public that you think Pulp Fiction is overrated is tantamount to shooting yourself in the face but we are brave and we will declare that Pulp was disjointed and faintly ridiculous.

Swearing and violence is bloody amazing but to see hit men so erudite with the English language was a bit unrealistic to say the least.

We weren’t expecting a documentary but having to a) suspend disbelief b) keep track of the back and forth narrative and c) find John Travolta’s dancing ultra hip was just a bit too challenging for us.

Tarantino has done far better work in Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill volm. 1.


No.5: The Royal Tenenbaums

The whole in love with your adopted sister thing was just plain creepy.


No.4: There’s Something About Mary

If ever there was the equivalent of a vapid chick flick for men this is it. The jokes aren’t nearly as funny as blokes think and horror of horrors we don’t think Mary was all that. This is the equivalent of Confessions of a Shopaholic with a dick.


No.3: Shakespeare in Love

We’re a pedantic bunch and the historical inaccuracy of the film spoilt it for us. A cheap trick to use the most famous playwright’s name and weave nothing more than a fanciful rom com into his life. We’re not sure why the film going public fell in love with Shakespeare in love but they did all the same.


No.2: Requiem for a Dream

Any film that makes us want to kill ourselves half way through can’t be great. Life is painted so unremittingly bleak that it makes the real world seem a Disneyland in comparison. The film may be arty but it is untruthful as it leaves no room for hope.


No.1: Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation masquerades as a thinking man’s film but what else can it pretend to be with the interminable silence of the film. Shots stay still for not seconds but minutes. The dialogue is sparse and does nothing to break up the monotony of the film. And worst of all, the film imparts no message and nothing of value. We basically just sit around for 102 minutes watching Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson moon around.

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